About Us


We(Erinn & Ryan) created Vacant Land Fam LLC as a way to have new adventures with our kids, help others that want to create memories with their littles, help out those that are behind on taxes getting hounded by the IRS, need cash to pay for life expenses, and to help anyone that just needs help getting out of a sticky land situation.

Much of the land we search for is in rural and less developed areas.  These properties are often hard to sell with realtors or usual methods which can lead to grief. Perhaps they don’t want the land or simply don’t know how to get money for it.  We are here to make that process easy.  We will make an offer on most lots that others wouldn’t touch. We’ll help you get the cash you need for other things you need in life.

Our passion is to help put land into the hands of people that want to use it for its best use, whether that be camping with the family, building a house to create their homestead, or even building a commercial building to start a business, or whatever it may be.  We deal with it all. Get an offer from us on your land today.

I(Ryan) was inspired to start Vacant Land Family by 3 events in my life.  The birth of my child, the passing of a family member, and a Vietnam war veteran that needed help.

When my son was born, my whole world changed.  I realized that that point that I needed to make the best life for us so that I could spend the most time with him.   This is the event that triggered me to finally start this up.  Some of my greatest memories as a kid were spending all day in the woods hunting with my dad.  It didn’t matter if we got anything or not, it was just the quality time spent out in nature.  I want to share that same experience with my kids.  That is why we like to focus on rural and undeveloped areas, we are searching for new lands to explore, camp, and have adventures.  Our mission is to help people get vacant land that want to use it to take their family on adventures and make great memories!

Another event, was the passing of my Granddad when I was in college.  My granddad had a cabin and land out in Western Virginia.  We spent many weekends there just the 2 of us and my uncles would sometimes come too.  It was the prettiest place in the world but for a kid my age it was FUN.  When my granddad passed, I remember overhearing my family talking about what they were going to do with the property and how they were going to get it sold.  It was just land and a rundown cabin, surely a realtor wouldn’t want to deal with that.  Seeing them go through that trauma made me realize that one day I wanted to help make that process less difficult for others.

The third event was one that happened not too long ago.  I was taking a drive with my son down to North Carolina to check out an antique auction.  When we stopped to get gas, I was approached by this old Vietnam Veteran who wanted a donation in exchange for his bluegrass CD he had recorded.   He said he was trying to make ends meet until he could sell his family’s property but it was taking a very long time so he had ran out of money.  Being that I grew up surrounded by military I have sympathy for our veterans and I wanted nothing more than to help that man get his family money faster.

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